Day dot for my cake blog! Black buttercream and cracked TARDIS!

About 2 months ago I gave up a job in accounts to pursue my dream of working for myself. I have 2 young children and wanted to be able to go to all the school commitments and doctors appointments etc without having to justify myself to the boss. I have a keen interest in cooking and lots of people had complimented my cakes and suggested I should sell them so a cake design business seemed a natural choice of vocation.
I’m only weeks in to setting up the business and already it has been a very steep learning curve! Although I don’t seem to struggle with the design of cakes (I seem to have a talent for it surprisingly!) I definitely lack knowledge and experience! I recently found out why its not a good idea to brush water over an iced cake, when the whole cake started to crack! Once I read up I found out that rubbing the small cracks with Trex or white veg fat would’ve been a better choice than water, I still have to try this out. I also found out that if you try and dye buttercream black it will not only use half of your colouring but also turn the clients lips and tongue black, not a good look! Will avoid making black buttercream in the future.
I wanted to start a blog because when I have been stuck I have often looked at other people’s blogs for help and inspiration. Hopefully if anyone else is looking to start up a cake business they might learn from my mistakes or be inspired by my future success!
I’m going to post below some pictures of cakes I have designed since starting, my favourite has to be the Dr Who Tardis cake and also the music themed giant cupcake. One investment I thought was important was an edible printer which I used to print little details on both cakes. I also use it to print cake toppers which I am planning to list in eBay for extra income.
Hope you like them-








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