Tea Party Cupcakes not just pretty, pretty tasty too!

A friend of mind was having a tea party for her mothers birthday, she wanted some lovely cupcakes to finish off the table. Her favourite cake is a Victoria sponge so I decided to do some with jam centres, some with strawberry flavoured buttercream and some choc chip just because chocolate is always good.
For the decoration I was quite tempted to go for Alice in Wonderland and do them all a bit crazy but it was to be quite a traditional party so I decided against it. Instead I thought I’d try to decorate some tiny tea cups and tea pots and try to make an icing tablecloth. I also wanted to practise doing some different flowers with my new plungers.
The cups were very fiddly, before painting they didn’t look great but it’s amazing what a bit of paint can do! The gold rims really finish them off I think. For the strawberry buttercream I used a couple of drops of strawberry flavouring but you can use jam, I always think pink things should taste like strawberry!
The client and her mum were very happy and the tea party table looked great with them in the centre.
The only problem I had with making them was the fragility of the flowers and table cloths once dry. I’ve bought some Tylo powder as I think if I add a bit to the icing it might make them stronger and less likely to crack, we will see!
The rose looking ones are done using a Wilton 127 nozzle, I will put a tutorial on next time I do one, its easy once you get the hang of it. I used pearl luster spray to finish them off, I love luster spray and use it on most things!






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