The most chocolatey cake in the world!

I was recently asked to make a chocolate cigarello cake for a friend for Christmas. She wanted me to make the most chocolatey cake I possibly could, everything chocolate with more chocolate on the top! I bought a box of chocolate Cigarellos (chocolate straws that surround the cake) not realising that they are £25 for 97 sticks!! The cake would’ve ended up costing my friend around £75 and she wasn’t looking to pay that much so I was left with a box of very expensive chocolate sticks to utilise.
Luckily it was my lovely fiances birthday this week and he loves chocolate. So his bday cake looked like this-
Moist very chocolatey sponge with milk and dark chocolate chips.
Filled with and covered in double chocolate buttercream with a bar of milk chocolate and a bar of 70% cocoa solids chocolate in.
Surrounded by very expensive chocolate cigarellos, all 97 of them.
With 2 cadburys flakes crumbled on top.
Milk Chocolate and White Chocolate fondant roses and Milk Chocolate fondant covering the board.
Half a box of Cadburys Roses Chocolates piled on top!!!!

Yes, he is a very lucky man!

I think I can safely say this has to be The Most Chocolatey Cake in the world!
We are still eating leftovers, it tastes even better heated up with cold cream melting on the top, although I really need to get to the gym now.






3 thoughts on “The most chocolatey cake in the world!

      • I’m afraid I don’t pay much attention to what I spend on food – if I want it, it’s mine (much my husband’s chagrin). But I have noticed that even the plainest cake at the bake shop can take just about everything you earn in a week :). Exaggerating, but hey

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