Christmas Cupcake table, great marketing, not so good for sales

At 1.00am this morning I finally started packing my baking equipment away, wondering whether I would sell all the delicious cupcakes I had lovingly made and decorated over the last 8 hours.
I set up my little table at a local business with a couple of hundred employees. It actually looked really good, not too amateur considering it was only my second ever bake sale. I laid out my mini christmas cakes, set up my cake stands arranging all my pretty wintery and christmassy cupcakes just right, then waited.
Throughout the day there was an almost constant flow of people, I used the opportunity to explain to people that I was local, all cakes used free range eggs and quality ingredients and tried to show people my other cakes and cupcakes that they could order in the future.
Although I talked to loads of people and handed out lots of fliers, I didn’t manage to sell loads of cupcakes and only sold 1 mini christmas cake!
It was worth doing but I think next time I would only take a small amount of cakes and just talk to people about ordering them.
It’s always a risk with perishable products, I now have a boot full of freshly baked, beautiful cupcakes! Tomorrow I’ll mainly be cold calling local businesses! Its all good marketing anyway.







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