Winter Cupcakes, copying or taking inspiration?

It’s a dangerous game following other cake design companies on Facebook but I suppose it’s also essential to keep an eye on the competition. I’ve followed a local lady for a year or so and could give her a certain amount of credit for my decision to go into cake design. Her cakes look fantastic, she’s original and inspiration and works really hard.
I find it very hard to see her amazing designs and not just copy them! After all that’s what a lot of cake design and other design is, people generally do take inspiration from google, books, magazines etc! I do also want to be original though, put my own mark on things and come up with my own ideas.

So I’ve been doing my winter and christmas cupcakes and got a few real stunners when I saw some on my competitors page that just looked fab. Very torn I decided to steal her design and changed it very slightly. I think they finish my box off perfectly and I’m sure she has no idea who I am so fingers crossed she’ll never know and I’ll sell lots of my (and her) beautiful cupcakes!

So is it a cop out to steal someone’s ideas or is it complimentary to be inspired by someone else’s designs?





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